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Deal with it now, or you'll pay for it later

Movement "Rehab" to me, is just like therapy. I will never tire to keep shouting it from the (flat) rooftops (here in Santa Fe), how WONDERFUL our bodies are. They are built perfectly. They function with perfection. They are self-healing and self-regulating. They are incredibly smart and communicative. Unfortunately we all were trained to stop listening and to abuse them. For me it started as a child, when my parents said that crying was "being weak", "showing pain" and "one should not do that". They are good parents, they just told me, what they were told. Maybe they were helpless facing a hysterically crying child during their busy day. It doesn't matter, but here's where it started. Ignore your instincts. Don't act out. Function. Be a little less sensitive. This crazy society we live in can't handle people who feel, do and think out of the box. We are less "productive" when we're ill, emotional or weird. That's when we are asked to get the pain killers, the fever meds, the decongestant, the anti-anxiety pill... the list is endless, to numb and override the bodies reaction to something. Stress, injury, emotions, toxins. We demonize and frankly disrespect our body (&soul). Popping a painkiller before you go for a run, without asking the deeper question: WHY am I in pain, is one of the very common habits of many people. In times when I dealt with high states of anxiety in my life, I thought something was deeply wrong with me. I just didn't leave the house or could mostly rearrange my self-employment schedule. Or I just lived with sleepless nights for months on end. Cue many years later, I found people who helped me. Telling me that there's a way to look at my feelings, to communicate with them and knowing there's a deeper message to be heard. Self discovery. Instead of numbing my feelings, pushing them away, I became curious. I am here to tell you, become curious. If your body is in pain (no matter how young you are) it's a call to ACTION. Waiting will make things worse. DEAL with it NOW. Explore and learn how anatomy works, how joints should move, how muscles should mobilize and stabilize. Become your own “mechanic”. Outsourcing health and happiness are disempowering and make you dependent. Move freely. You'll be so happy you did. Living a full life, doing the things you love. #slocore_online #consciousmovement #agelessstrength #healyourself #theresnopillforthat #risesantafe #risepilates

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