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Hip re-education

Hips are a theme. I guess, I am obsessed with them. It took me ages of learning and teaching, to understand my own hips and the issues that come with "bad" hip mobility, health, alignment, you name it. One of my teachers would always say "let's get the chair out of your ass". How rude :) but true.

Range of motion in our hips is one of the most misunderstood and misguided ...

Now, do you suffer from (chronic) hip pain? Popping sensations when running or walking? Tightness? Stiffness? Tight hamstrings? Can you get up and down to the floor easily or does the pure thought of being on the ground scare you?

Are you ready to make a real change?

Try this:

Side to side shifting exercise

Check out your range of motion ROM.

  1. Stand parallel with your feet hip width apart. Bend your knees slightly. Shift pelvis side to side, not rotating your hips, think sassy hips.

  2. Observe. Which side feels easier to shift to? Take your timer, do it a couple of times. Where do you have more ROM? I'd contest that you can go more over to the side that hurts. Are your knees still bent or did they hyper extend? Are your feet parallel (slightly pigeon toed) or do your feet turn out? This exercise is best done in fron to of a mirror.

  3. If I was right, your pain side is the more mobile side, you got your clue. You stand more on that leg during the day, and your hip is too far out to that side. The muscles that should support your hip are over stretched (too long) and are holding on for dear life. Working too hard, all the time. No one likes working all the time. Do you?

  4. Give them a little break. Become aware of how many times a day, you can catch yourself standing on that leg and shift to even weighted stance.

  5. Check your feet (parallel)

  6. Check your knees (soft)

  7. You're on the way to better hips, no exercise required.

  8. Start a regular training program to improve stability and strength, and watch your hip mobility increase.

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