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Sean's (crack) kale salad

This salad is the brain child of my teacher Sean. He introduced it to us after a private Ring session for my husband and I. The best part is, that you can add whatever you love and make it a full meal, of just keep it simple as a side to any protein, you choose.


Serves 2


  • 1/8 cup olive oil

  • 4 Tsp Apple cider vinegar

  • Salt to taste

  • Dash of maple syrup

  • fresh herbs, chopped (parsley, chives, cilantro)

  • 1/8 cup Sesame tahini

Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl or blend in a blender to incorporate the tahini.

  • 1 Bunch of curly or red Russian Kale (or a mixture)

  • 1/4 cup toasted Walnuts (or any nut of choice)

  • 1/4 cup dried cranberries (unsweetened, cut in half)

  • 2 Tsp. Hemp hearts

  • 1 ripe Avocado, cut in bite sized pieces

  • 1 Tsp lemon juice, pinch of salt

  • Roasted sweet potatoes make it a meal for hungry men :)


  1. Toast your nuts for a better flavor on low heat in a dry skillet

  2. Wash and dry Kale, pull out the stem, cut in small, bite sized pieces and place in a bowl and massage it with the salt and lemon juice to break down the tough structure for better digestion.

  3. Add cranberries, avocado and cooled down, toasted nuts.

  4. Add dressing and toss thoroughly. Taste if it needs salt.

  5. Sprinkle hemp hearts, herbs.

I like this salad with some sunny side eggs, or grilled BBQ chicken.

Eat fresh, it also keeps in the fridge for a day or so.

Let me know if you tried this recipe and if you liked it!

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