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You'll own it, when you feel it

Moving, breathing, FEELING... Becoming- OWNING

My conscious movement journey started almost 20 years ago. Considering I'll be 50 this year, is less than half of my life. It started with running (not conscious, but it wetted my appetite to actually feel, breathe and being ok with feeling uncomfortable), then Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Tai Chi. The more intricate the movement became, the more I had to "pay attention", be patient, be committed, be imperfect, and at some point the "practice" was moving ME.

Becoming intricately aware of our bodily sensations before, during and after is (almost and maybe completely) more important that doing it. Acknowledging my elevated breath, sweat, tingling, blood rush, thoughts, heat, ache is the super speed highway, or the only way to REALLY BECOME the body and mind you want to be. Not saying we have to meditate while we're working out, or need complete silence (I often listen to podcasts), but it's not about distraction, getting it over with, and disconnecting from the sensations.

Be OK with discomfort. Seek it. BE in it. Do the stuff that sucks (cold, heat, fasting... moving) and be amazed by your GROWTH. No one can take away or diminish what you OWN deep inside yourself, what you WORKED for, what you BECAME.

I take the "practice" and become IT.

Take it from the studio to the street.

Start TODAY.

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