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The Full Story

About Chantall

My name is Chantall. I am a wife, dog mom and passionate seeker but beyond that I am a human being looking to help people to feel better in their bodies, and live happier lives doing things they love. 

My movement journey is not long and complicated. It is rather short and sweet. 

I was never a natural mover, I hated sports. I got through PE by sitting on the bench more than actively participating. Movement scared me. I fenced as a teenager, then I played golf. In my late 20's I found running, and I used it as a tool to eat anything I wanted and yet not be a size 20. It worked, I loved the runners high, but my body did not. I had ongoing issues with constant back pain, hip, knee and ankle pain My shoulders were a mess. 

One Saturday afternoon in 2004 I stumbled into a Pilates studio in Brooklyn, NY. I was hooked immediately, and from then on, I spent the little money I had, on classes and private lessons. I literally needed to know everything there was to know about Pilates.

 One of my teachers convinced me to do a teacher training, and the rest is history. I had so much fun teaching (on the side, I still had a more than full time job at Crate&Barrel), that in 2008 I quit that job, and made it my mission to help people get into their bodies, and out of pain. 

My pilates teacher journey was unusual. I was not the ex-ballerina, I was tight, clumsy and far from a graceful mover. I had to work hard, and I loved it. I felt stronger, my pants fit "better", I took up yoga, kick-boxing, step-aerobics. My food choices changed. My life changed. I had the unusual gift to be able to study and learn from some of the best movement teachers in the field. NYC was the home of Joe Pilates, after all. 

I successfully taught in different locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, until I followed the call to Santa Fe in July 2014. 

I am a seeker, and I love to learn new things. Challenge my beliefs and convictions. I crave change, but after almost 18 years of working with Pilates, it still blows my brain. It kicks my butt and soothes me when my body need a rest, recovery or TLC. It is timeless and of this time. 

That means, that even after almost 20 years of very regular practice, I am still challenged. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have to get my act together when I practice. I have to be present and really commit to an hour of paying attention to my body and mind. Considering Mr. P was born 100 years ago and the method is "old", and the foundation to so many fitness fads. It rehabilitated thousands of dancers and other bodies, it is here to stay. To me it's a form of moving meditation, that makes you aware, capable and strong. 

Most people who walk through the doors of my studio are in pain, be it from injury or lack of movement, unable to live a life they really want to live. Some are and have been exercising for a long time and have wrecked their bodies, wanting to improve their sports performance.


Pilates might not be our first choice, but strengthening what's weakest and waking up dormant muscle groups. I will teach you how your body works and together we create a new awareness, as part of your new superpower. This is a strategy to get you onto the path with your body, the body you inhabit, the body you deserve. A body that serves you well. Resilient, confident, strong. Inside and out.

Let me help you to take the fist step and the 1,000 steps thereafter.

Your journey starts now. I am so glad you're here!

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