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Are you looking to improve balance, resilience, mobility and strength but are not in Santa Fe, traveling, wanting to move consciously at home? We are offering our guided movement classes online, live on Zoom with a huge library of class recordings and target workshops to access at your convenience. 

$33 monthly

Zoom Thursdays 11.30am MT

Roots to Rise

This class is slow paced, for anyone new to a conscious movement practice, who hasn't moved in a while or is recovering from an injury.  A heavy focus on connection to the earth beneath us for increased stability and strength. We work on joint mobility, better movement strategies, ground work, hip opening, creative core control and balance.

Mondays 3.15pm & Fridays 1.15pm MT     $20 drop in​


Apparatus circuit

Small equipment based group class. We work on the Chair, Reformer, Cadillac and the Gymnastic rings, circuit style like it was done at the original Pilates studio in NYC.

Experience with the apparatus is required to join. 

5 people max. No drop ins. Reservation required. 

INTERMEDIATE Wednesdays 2.15pm MT  $30-50 sliding scale

ADVANCED Wednesdays 3.15pm MT  $30-50 sliding scale

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