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Meredith F. 

Chantall is a true magician. Her wonderful spirit and deeply caring nature has made her a teacher not comparable to any I have come in contact with. Anyone who chooses to study with her will be grateful to her for her dedication in continuing education in Pilates. My body has been truly transformed, I feel healthier and stronger than ever before and I attribute that to the time I spent with her.

Rachel C. 

I came to Chantall 18 months after my pregnancy with diastisis recti, a terribly weak back, nonexistent core muscles, and lots of pain. After ~8 sessions I can honestly say that has all improved. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge of body mechanics, physiology, and anatomy. It is clear that Chantall is passionate about her work and she is patient, observant, and a phenomenal Pilates instructor. If it weren’t for her instruction, I’m sure my quality of life and pain level would be intolerable. Highly highly recommended.

Daniel S.

It was only four months ago that I was told that I would probably need knee surgery before I turned thirty. Working with Chantall on rehabilitating from my injury and changing bad habits has left me pain free after only three months. The process was remarkably brief. She knew my limitations and sensitivities the moment I walked into the room. She knew what I wanted to achieve. But most of all, she knows how much trust it takes to go on that journey together.

It takes courage to move

Ron Fletcher

Mara S.

Taking classes with Chantall has totally changed the way I approach exercising. Her thorough knowledge of anatomy and constant refining of exercises and techniques really makes you think about exactly what muscles you are using and how to improve the form of the body parts you are using (or should be using) and the ones that shouldn't be trying to help. The classes are fun and challenging.

Evalynne E. 

Let me just say that I am not "fond" of exercising! However, Chantall actually made it an enjoyable experience. I am in my 70's & needed some core strength training . . . starting from "square one". Chantall was great at evaluating my condition -- and then she started at the beginning & built up. I had specific time restraints, and Chantall bent over backwards to accommodate me. She is great at taking you from where you are to where you want to be. I would happily recommend RISE Pilates to everyone!

The Marks

P. and I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful approach to Pilates a'la Chantall!
 I want to share that my almost constant left hip pain has decreased by 90%... my digestion has improved... and I can stand on one leg as put my let into my pants - I don't have to sit on the bed to do it anymore. I am amazed at how fast I'm improving, with one class a week and my home practice every other day. AMAZING! P. shares that his shoulder has stopped hurting and his squeaky knee has stopped squeaking. Many thanks Sensei 
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